Over There

    Over There was my first foray into a recording studio. I had been enjoying jamming with Jono Lonie and I asked if he'd want to be involved. We decided on Darren's Earwig studio. Darren is old-school and uses analogue 2-inch tape, all credit to him. So, the whole album was recorded pretty much "live", with some over dubbing. You have to admire the Beatles and others who recorded in the same way. Jono's backing on violin, acoustic and plugged in overdriven mandolin, pipes, including the Irish uilleann variety, are all fantastic. Darren added some bass. I play guitar and harmonica, and a Chinese instrument, called a ruan, on Back Roads and Over There.

    Downland is a song for my Dad. In my childhood we lived the north downs, just south of London. The album is in his memory and to ramblings later in life in the Downland together.

    Roger Marshall with Guitar

    Artwork by Eddie Dawn-McCurdy,

    Recorded at: Earwig studios, Highbury, Auckland in analogue on 2 inch magnetic tape.

    Produced by: Roger Marshall and Jono Lonie

    Engineered and mixed by: Darren McShane

    Release date: 2012

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