Imaginary Lines

    Imaginary Lines is my second project, following on from Over There, with Jono Lonie. Again, it was recorded at Earwig studios, live on 2-inch analogue tape. It was done over the first 6 months of 2013.

    Jono is playing electric mandolin on some songs - sounding like amazing electric guitar (outro of Shade of a Light). Bede came in late in the day and added delightful keyboard flourishes, especially Don't Leave. Christelle's mournful harmonica is lovely, especially outro of Children in the Rain. Christelle was French and vanished from New Zealand. Wherever you are thank you! I am also most grateful to others: Kerry and Gordon for drums and Murray on keys.

    The song themes are mixed. City City is a gripe of the wanton destruction of old buildings for carparks and ghastly high-rise. Above, or to the right (if you're on a computer), is a poster for a gig in Beijing at the Jiang Jin Jiu bar. The bar was in an old hutong – characteristic old housing in Beijing – mostly demolished. The destruction wrought by us on other creatures is the topic of Man. My roots lie in London where lies The Imaginary Line. Valerie is a true story - my old mate Pete now in Canberra, but I have no idea about Valerie herself.

    Roger Marshall with Guitar

    Here is poster for a gig in Beijing,
    at the Jiang Jin Jiu bar.

    Recorded at: Earwig studios, Highbury, Auckland in analogue on 2 inch magnetic tape.

    Produced by: Roger Marshall and Jono Lonie

    Engineered and mixed by: Darren McShane

    Release date: 2013

    Roger: Guitars, Vocals, Harmonica

    Louis Bernstone: Keyboards, Bass, Percussion

    Jono Lonie: Violin, Mandolin, Electric Mandolin, Pipes, Percussion, Vocals

    Bede MacClaurin: Keyboards

    Darren McShane: Bass, Vocals

    Christelle Berthon: Harmonica

    Gordon Joll: Drums

    Kerry Fraser: Drums

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