Back Tracks

    Back Tracks is a collection of songs recorded by myself at home sometime in the 1990s and early 2000s, with help of a 4-track Tascam cassette tape recorder and an archaic Roland drum machine on a few songs. Some later songs may have been recorded on my first early desktop.

    Listening now, I think the production is not that bad, despite the primitive gear. I like Edge of the Rim, written when it cost a lot of money to just make a phone call to UK and I missed my family there. The Amnesiac with its a messy doubled-over guitar riffs I’ve always liked and I wonder now how I did it. Maintain is sometimes covered by my son Joe. Hanging 'round the Planet was a 50th birthday song ("eighteen thousand a few hundred days" in 2000!). Squandered Love is a bit fraught but I guess it has a nice tune.

    Sinking Feeling has re-appeared as Out to Sea on the Over There album and Just a Man has become simply Man, on Imaginary Lines.

    Album Cover

    Artwork by Eddie Dawn-McCurdy,

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